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How our sharpening machines work

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August 27th 2014
Announce a new machine - The AquaSharp AQ. Get it while supplies last - $3600.



Our AquaSharp Knife Sharpening Machines are very simple and safe to use. They do not create any dust and there are no debre flying around while sharpening your knifes. After turning on the machine, you also turn on the water dispenser (for our Machine 001 - 002 model ), which will start adding water to the belt from the container to reduce heat on the belt and increase performance. The water also helps cool the knifes to prevent overheating.

Changing the belt is a very easy prcoess. If you follow the instructions that we provide, you'll be able to change it in less than a mintue. You can shapren over 300 knives before you have to change the belt, and even then, it only costs a few dollars to purchase a new one. The Machines have a 1 yr. warranty. As always, please read manual that comes with the machines before operating it..

The 003 machine model is not water cooled, but you'll still be able to sharpen your knifes in minutes. To start sharpening your knifes, simply turn on the swich and slide the knifes few times accross the belt at about a 20 degree angle. In about 10 seconds the knife will be sharp and cutting like it's new..If the knife gets warm, simply put it in a glass of cold water.

Watch the videos below, and see our Knife Sharpening Machines in action.

Machine 002 Machine 003
machine 002 machine 003
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